Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have a reloader for my shotgun and a reloader for my brass. Pictures and details will follow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Safety Mechanism

The safety on my shotgun caused it not to fire several times on the range. According to one forum this is common with the safety feature on Uplander. Nothing a 12" straightblade screwdriver, philips screwdriver and punch cannot slow.

I am not the best gunsmith so it took me an hour to complete this project. Remove the butt plate and unscrew the rear stock, which exposes the saftey mechanism. You punch out the pin; leaving the saftey switch for cosmetic reasons, but removes the lock over the trigger.

Cowboy Action Shooting requires the shotgun to be breached, unloaded and pointed down range at all times, so there is no need for a safety. It also slow down your match time each time you have to undo the safety.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I purchassed an Ultrasonic Cleaner (pictured above) from Harbor Freight for wet cleaning of brass. It was on sale for $25.00, I thought it was good alternative.

I returned to Harbor Freight to purchase the tumbler cleaner picture above. Again on sale for $49.95, I am very pleased with the results.

I purchased fine walnut shell media, so I can immediately start cleaning my brass after a cowboy match. The length of time when I hand spent brass to my person doing my reloading is getting longer now that I have more brass. I was told to clean my brass as soon as possible, so I am doing it my self now.

Also I am considering purchasing a used MEC, 12 guage reloader from a friend.

Many things to consider in reloading brass and shotgun ammo, especially if the prices continue to rise and the difficulty associated with finding 45 LC ammo on the shelf. Cowboy loads vary too much when you commercially purcase, so I want to engineer my own.

I continue to talk with people and read forums to get ideas.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Shotgun

My backup set is now complete. I purchased a used Stoeger, Uplander side by side, 12 gauge shotgun Saturday. The only real difference I see is that the Coach gun has a 20 inch barrel compared to the Uplander's 26" barrel, so I can still use it for trap shooting.

It has taken me roughly 9 months to complete the purchase of the basics needed to particiapte in Cowboy Action Shooting matches without having to borrow something from another shooter.

Sometime in July I attended a reloading seminar at Pro Bass Shop near Ashland. Got a few ideas about reloading my own ammo.

While it has been a slow process, I recommend newcomers take their time to choose guns, clothes and other accessories for CAS. Other players are happy to let you try their guns to see they meet your needs, so take advantage of it, I am glad I did.

I found out I do better with a double barrel rather than a pump, smiply because I have a natural tendence to load ammo with my left hand.

I think things are coming along nicely, I really enjoy this game. For me I just enjoy the game and do not have expectations of becoming competitive, just in it for the fun.

Monday, August 24, 2009

KC's Corral

Shot in the Wild Bunch match with folks at Blackcreek (KC's Corral) on Saturday, August 15, 2009.

It was hot and I had difficulty seeing through my glasses because they keep fogging, but fun never the less.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CAS Gun Cart

I searched Cragslist and found this jogger stroller, which I managed to purchase for $40.00. I stripped it down and added a gun rack at the rear. Placed a SASS sticker on the front to make it official. I am using a back pack to store CAS accessories in which sits in the now modified seat just fine. I will add a cooler for drinks and snacks to the bottom basket. This will store my ammo, tools, loading block, holster, first-aid kit, hand sanitizer, insect spray, empty shells, vanity cards and a few other items.

Hey, its a start, it helps put me in the game.

The final item will be a double barrel shotgun.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I like this rifle because it reminds me of my old Winchester 9422, which I loved.

It is the economical way to get into Cowboy Action Shooting. I am going to the Range on Monday to test it and see how it performs. Details later.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Third Cowboy Match - June 21,2009

Mattopani Sundowners
My third shooting match was a good opportunity to observe and talk with shooters. It was a nice Father's Day with a gentle breeze off the coast. This day was spent as a spotter, which was a chance to be an observer of gun behavior as well as techniques. I have now decided to purchase a double barrel shotgun. More authentic and I think faster for my shooting style.
Another purpose for this day was to hand off my brass for reloading. I was able to purchase only 500 counts from Starline. There seems to be a shortage and mid July is the next chance to purchase more.
Gun cart was something I have given very little thought about until this match. You want to protect your investment and the way to do that is get a gun cart. I looked at several and came to the quick conclusion I wanted something light and could be transported easy in and out of my vehicle. Short after this I read an article about protecting your firearms from sun, wind and rain during a match and to have a portable storage area for your firearms. Hence my search for a jogging stroller on craigslist.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Winchester Model 1897

Winchester manufactured the Model 1897 in response to the 1893 model poor design. It is a slide-action shotgun designed for smokeless powder. The 12 gauge had a 30-inch barrel until 1899, when the new 16 gauge with a shorter 28" barrel became popular.

The company offered the six-shot M1897 in a variety of styles: standard or field grade; special or standard trap, including the Black Diamond; and pigeon, brush, tournament, riot, and trench.

The Winchester Model 1897 became the most famous outside-hammer, slide-action in history. As with any Winchester, fancy wood and engraving was available at extra charge. Today, the Model 1897 field grade is valued between $250 and $500 (very good to excellent condition).

Most wannabe Old West gunfighters start with a 12 gauge, 18-½” double-barrel stagecoach gun complete with hammers, the slide-action is faster.

A gunfighter’s fantasy is that a western lawman carried your Winchester 97 down the streets of a desperado town in the Olde West.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reloading Ammo

Starline Brass is a relatively new supplier of high quality cartridge cases. Jeff Quinn used Starline's .45 Colt brass in a pair of Ruger Vaqueros. He says the appearance and finish of the brass is excellent and has uniformity. The brass from Starline is very consistent in both measurement and weight. Flash hole uniformity seems near perfect.

The Starline .45 Colt brass is heavier, that means it is thicker. Thickness near the head of a cartridge case gives it the strength needed for heavy loads. Primer pockets stayed tight throughout the tests, indicating good strength and reloadability. The Starline cases hold up well and should last a long time.

I like the Colt .45 even though they are more expensive and hotter for cowboy action shooting I feel it is accurate and more authentic. I plan to purchase 1000 unprimed brass shells for future use. The Gun Show was sold out when I attended, so I purchased 500 brassings from Starline. The delivery time was amazing, but they could only promise 500.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Cowboy Action Shooting Match

Today I visited the Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club in Montpelier, Virginia. What a first impression! I was not sure if the weather conditions would allow a match today; that would soon be put to rest because it appears CAS’s are die hard people and shoot no matter what. My purpose for the visit was to fully observe and ask better questions. I though it best to consult with experienced people on the range before making any more purchases of firearms, clothing, ammo and accessories.

Friendly, courteous, hospitable, warm, not enough words to describe the great reception I received. I believe these people would give you the shirt off their back. I did not intend to participate in the shooting match this day, but they insisted. I was overwhelmed and did not know what to say.

Participation requires 1 rifle, 1 shotgun, 2 handguns, holster, ammo, and some accessories. To-date I only have a holster, 2 handguns, cowboy hat & boots, some ammo. I sold most of my weapons years ago. Within what seemed like minutes shooters collectively provided me with EVERYTHING I needed to participate in the shooting match. One member let me use his rifle and shotgun, another member loaned me a shotgun belt, other members loaned me various ammo and so on. It was like one-stop shopping of all the things I did not have and did not know I needed. They asked only that in the future I do the same for someone in my position. A philosophy I live by so I was happy to see it exists here.

A better lesson I could not have had because experiencing it answered in a personal way the questions I came to ask. The personal attention I received you could not pay for. My questions were answered; my mistakes and errors were graciously pointed out to me. Safety was the first priority. I thought I had been taught sa

fety, but CAS places an entirely different spin, on having fun, while being extremely conscious of how to protect yourself and the shooters around you in this group setting. If I learned nothing else today it was I need a gun cart. I have now begun with lots to learn and a long journey ahead of me.

Cowboys and cowgirls, because I met two of the nicest ladies you will ever meet; this is the most fun you could ever have inside the legal city limits. My thanks to everyone for a wonderful and fun day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gun Leather

Finally, the long awaited western gun belt and holster has arrived. Now all I need is a rifle and shotgun and I am ready to go. Now all I need is a rifle and shotgun to participate in Cowboy Action Shooting matches.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hat Purchase

You should never shop for hats or boots without making several visits to the western store. First impressions or choices are not always your best. I made four visits to Myrna's Boots and Bits to purchase my cowboy western hat for Cowboy Action Shooting. My mistake was going after work dressed for business. Final on the fourth visit dressed in jeans and not a business suit I made the choice you see in this photo. Not even close to my prior visits.

Kenny was patient on every visit and understood that spending time with me might not pay off until later. Guess it finally paid off this time I purchased a Stetson, 7 1/8 size oval with 3 1/2 brim, Teague style, ID# SW01110734.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cowboy Hat Choice

I tried the bone color cowboy hat today and I really like it. I thought it looked good on me, but it was really hard to tell, because for one thing I was dressed in a business suit. Maybe I will go back when I am wearing jeans and cowboy shirt.

The hat band matches the color of my gun belt and holster. The gunleather maybe a little lighter even.

Online they have it in a black color, but I think black hats make me look old and sinister. Sagebrush Coyote cannot be a sinister character. A fun loving cowboy he is.

So I can remember; Resistol , Hondo, size 7 1/8. I grew up around gentlemen who wore the cattleman style hats (little fancier than this one), must be their influence on me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whoopee, I am a SASS member

It is official, I am now Sagebrush Coyote; well according to SASS.
My new shiny badge number is 84061.
Nothing like a badge to make you feel special.
I hope to learn a lot about guns and make new friends.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Practice

On March 7th I drove to Fredericksburg to visit my nephew who lives in rural area. Great place to site your new guns in. Plenty of woods around nice for shooting.

It was the perfect opportuniy to try my two new colts. Setup safety perimeter and discussed the safety rules with everyone shooting. Plugged our ears and had a blast.

When we finished shooting I gave the one gun a though cleaning. My dad used to say, "if you take care of your weapon, it will take care of you." One weapon would not fire. The firing pin did not engage the primer cap; in fact if did not go forward near the cylinder.

When I returned to Richmond I examined the gun. Wanted to be in safe surrounds with no one around. Upon closer examination I found the the cylinder rod was too far back in a locked position so naturally the hammer and firing pin would not strike the primer cap. I made the adjustment and now appears to work fine. At least I could now see the pin near the cylinder.

Assume this is a safety feature for new guns. Good idea when traveling for safety precautions. I am sure I will use this in the future to transport them to Cowboy Action Matches.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Virginia has Cowboy Mounted Action Shooting.

Not one, but two locations.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take your gun apart

Video on how to disassemble a revolver. Click HERE

Video on how to assemble a revolver. Click HERE

How to clean your gun coming

Monday, February 16, 2009

First Cowboy Action Shooting Match

My first visit to observe a Cowboy Action Shooting Match was great; it occured on January 17th and was it cold that day, but the cowboys and cowgirls came out to play.

Friendly folk who would answer any of your questions. The barrel fire created a real cowboy outdoor adventure..

It did not take long to get hooked, so the observation is a great idea. You learn safety is a critical factor in this sport. Safety was my number issue even before I decided to observe. I love to shoot, but I like being alive even better.

I took a few photos during my observation, I hope you enjoy them.

First Purchase

My first purchase for CAS. The photo is not the best. Without the original literature that came with the guns I can only describe the information I have found on web sites and what they told me in the store when I purchased them. They Uberti, Cattleman, Hombre, 45 LC (Long Colt). I am still searching for a western gunbelt rig. Something unique is they are only 6 digits within each other on the assembly line. I imagine a nice old guy made them with loving care just for me.

I am thinking double holster. I hope to develop a left and right draw, plus I think it is safer than the cross-draw.

I have watched many hours of Utube video, especially the Expert Village ones, which I think are done in good task. I find these videos really inspiring and helpful in some areas. It also gives you an idea of what people are doing around the country.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pros and Cons of Ammo Reloads

I am hoping to get one of my main questions like the best way to purchase ammo for Cowboy Action Shooting soon. The Bass Pro Shop in Hanover county is conducting a Firearms Reloading Seminar on February 21, 2009. Details about the seminar are on the link above.

Some say bulk purchase, some say off the shelf ammo is more reliable, and then there is the reload your own ammo camp. If anyone has an idea please feel free to comment here and share your theory with others.

Currently, I am watching Ebay for a western rig for my two Uberti, Cattleman 45's. Another question double holster or single with cross-draw. Personally, I am favoring the double holster for a single reason of helping develop the other side of my brain by shooting left-handed. My dad shot left-handed.

Cowboy Days, in Virginia

Virginia City hosts Cowboy Days, located atop Big Walker Mountain, near Wytheville, Virginia.

Come dressed in cowboy and cowgirl costumes to really experience music, shot-outs, western movies and more cowboy stuff from high noon till 6pm, located near Wytheville in the state of Virginia.

If anyone has visited Virginia City please comment here about your experience.

Maybe they will start an annual quick draw competition and invite Cowboy Action Shooters to attend.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GunFighter Gulch

Cowboys are still interested in the western fast draw. I have been watching old western movies lately. I want to observe the type of rigs each gunfighter wears. It certainly varies from show to show.

GunFighter Gulch is Dedicated to Preserving the History of Fast Draw.

Monday, February 9, 2009


There are other enthusiasts besides the SASS for cowboy action. Visit the Indian Territory Regulators a group of professional performers dedicated to the re-enactment of the "Old West". They wear authentic period clothing and the guns we use guns are of that period.

If you know of others please share on this blog.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cowboy City

I discovered a virtual Cowboy City associated with Cowboy Action Shooting. The name of it is CASCITY.

If you are searching for good CAS resources; this may be the one-stop shopping place of choice.

My objective is to customize this blog and tailor it for Virginia Cowboys and Cowgirls related to specific events in the state of Virginia.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Beginning

Growing up my family liked to hunt and fish. I still love guns. During my childhood I was taught safety first, pre-commercials and gun bills, and ever since I have been very selective with whom I shoot.

Cowboy Action Shooting has the same safety rules that were instilled in me as a child.

I have started my journey with CAS by purchasing two six-guns, 45 caliber. Always wanted one but never had a use for it until now.

My first visit was to KC's Corral in Mechanicsville. Nice folks and very dedicated on January 17th because it was extremely cold that day.

I hope to chroncile my CAS adventures here for people who want to get involved with the fastest growing sport in America.