Saturday, June 27, 2009

Third Cowboy Match - June 21,2009

Mattopani Sundowners
My third shooting match was a good opportunity to observe and talk with shooters. It was a nice Father's Day with a gentle breeze off the coast. This day was spent as a spotter, which was a chance to be an observer of gun behavior as well as techniques. I have now decided to purchase a double barrel shotgun. More authentic and I think faster for my shooting style.
Another purpose for this day was to hand off my brass for reloading. I was able to purchase only 500 counts from Starline. There seems to be a shortage and mid July is the next chance to purchase more.
Gun cart was something I have given very little thought about until this match. You want to protect your investment and the way to do that is get a gun cart. I looked at several and came to the quick conclusion I wanted something light and could be transported easy in and out of my vehicle. Short after this I read an article about protecting your firearms from sun, wind and rain during a match and to have a portable storage area for your firearms. Hence my search for a jogging stroller on craigslist.

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