Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Shotgun

My backup set is now complete. I purchased a used Stoeger, Uplander side by side, 12 gauge shotgun Saturday. The only real difference I see is that the Coach gun has a 20 inch barrel compared to the Uplander's 26" barrel, so I can still use it for trap shooting.

It has taken me roughly 9 months to complete the purchase of the basics needed to particiapte in Cowboy Action Shooting matches without having to borrow something from another shooter.

Sometime in July I attended a reloading seminar at Pro Bass Shop near Ashland. Got a few ideas about reloading my own ammo.

While it has been a slow process, I recommend newcomers take their time to choose guns, clothes and other accessories for CAS. Other players are happy to let you try their guns to see they meet your needs, so take advantage of it, I am glad I did.

I found out I do better with a double barrel rather than a pump, smiply because I have a natural tendence to load ammo with my left hand.

I think things are coming along nicely, I really enjoy this game. For me I just enjoy the game and do not have expectations of becoming competitive, just in it for the fun.