Monday, February 16, 2009

First Purchase

My first purchase for CAS. The photo is not the best. Without the original literature that came with the guns I can only describe the information I have found on web sites and what they told me in the store when I purchased them. They Uberti, Cattleman, Hombre, 45 LC (Long Colt). I am still searching for a western gunbelt rig. Something unique is they are only 6 digits within each other on the assembly line. I imagine a nice old guy made them with loving care just for me.

I am thinking double holster. I hope to develop a left and right draw, plus I think it is safer than the cross-draw.

I have watched many hours of Utube video, especially the Expert Village ones, which I think are done in good task. I find these videos really inspiring and helpful in some areas. It also gives you an idea of what people are doing around the country.

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