Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cowboy Hat Choice

I tried the bone color cowboy hat today and I really like it. I thought it looked good on me, but it was really hard to tell, because for one thing I was dressed in a business suit. Maybe I will go back when I am wearing jeans and cowboy shirt.

The hat band matches the color of my gun belt and holster. The gunleather maybe a little lighter even.

Online they have it in a black color, but I think black hats make me look old and sinister. Sagebrush Coyote cannot be a sinister character. A fun loving cowboy he is.

So I can remember; Resistol , Hondo, size 7 1/8. I grew up around gentlemen who wore the cattleman style hats (little fancier than this one), must be their influence on me.

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